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Google Keep Note Taking App Comes to iPhone and iPad

On Thursday, Google launched its much awaited Google Keep for iOS. The Android and Android Wear based App is finally available for the users of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and can be downloaded conveniently from Apple’s App store. Surprisingly the iOS version took 30 months to show up as Google has launched its Android […]

Best Mobile Phone Games Available In 2014

The world of smartphone gaming has come an incredibly long way from the days when the rather simplistic yet highly addictive ‘Snake’ was all the rage in the early to mid 2000s. Nowadays, the most powerful smartphones are powered by extremely powerful CPUs and GPUs which means that the line between console gaming and smartphone […]

The Solo Launcher app: the best way to organise your phone

A few years ago, in fact you can say a decade ago, there were many different software directed at organizing your desktop PC’s C-drive. Before the insanely big hard-drives came up, these software were very efficient and useful. In fact sometimes they still are. Now you’d ask why we need to “organize” a device that […]