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Our Favourite Phones For Christmas 2014

Smart phones have been undergoing a revolution as of late with better operating systems, more advanced software and new apps hitting the market every day. The choice can be confusing, but the best phone for you will be one that fits in with your lifestyle and does what you need it to. Consider the cost, […]

Trends Suggest That Soon All Smartphones Will Be The Same

When you look at the world of cars, you do not often see the same type of engine repeated across different manufacturers. Enter a used-car lot, and you see a wide variety of branded cars with very different engines in each. Yet in the world of mobile-Smartphone technology we are seeing more and more of […]

It Will Be Ten Years Before Xiaomi Beats Apple or Samsung

Xiaomi is an electronics company that is privately owned by a Chinese company. They are the third biggest distributors in the world, and are indicative of China’s thirst for a bigger share of the Smartphone market. The founder and CEO is Lei Jun, and he is the twenty-third richest person in China, which is pretty […]

Motorola Launches the New and Powerful Moto X

The second generation of Moto X has been launched by Motorola. The tech world evolves faster than anything else. Once slimmer and smaller cellphones were the fashionable thing but not anymore, users want bigger and powerful smartphones. Therefore Motorola played it wisely and unveiled Moto X second generation which now has 5.2 inches screen and […]

Jolla Smartphone Hitting the Shelves on November 27th

It’s been a long time coming but the Jolla phone is finally coming to the market and according to our sources it will be available from November 27 giving customers a chance to trial the Sailfish OS smartphone but the launch is exclusive to Helsinki, Finland. The smartphone will cost €399 which is by no […]