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Our Favourite Phones For Christmas 2014

Smart phones have been undergoing a revolution as of late with better operating systems, more advanced software and new apps hitting the market every day. The choice can be confusing, but the best phone for you will be one that fits in with your lifestyle and does what you need it to. Consider the cost, […]

Why are New iPads More Suitable for Business Use than Personal?

Apple’s new iPad would be available for sale in the markets soon. In order to sell more iPads, Apple has decided to make the new iPads more suitable for business use rather than the personal use. Making the new iPads more appropriate for corporate use was a sensible decision by Apple. Smart Phones vs. Tablets […]

Recommendations and Suggestions: Buying a Tablet in 2014

You must have read many articles about what to buy, different tablets’ specifications and prices and what not. But in going after specifications of a particular brand, you may have overlooked its suitability for you. For example, what good is an iPad if it doesn’t suit you and a cheap Chinese tablet does? – Many […]